1. Realistic appearance: Whether it is a single tooth implant or a full mouth dental implant, with modern technology and customized preparation fixed inside the ridge, implants can either act as a base to a bridge or a single tooth, or a denture to look more natural and realistic. We suggest you visit the best implantologist to get customized treatment.
  2. Improves oral health: Dental implants don’t damage the adjacent tooth as in fixed dental prostheses. They are fixed within the ridge inside the bone and doest damage any other hard or soft tissues. Thus helping in increased oral health and function.
  3. Facial appearance: Losing teeth or teeth leads to the resorption of the jaw bone. But with the help of implants, there will be no resorption of the ridge and thus preserving the facial structures. In short, implants help in preserving the ridge height which prevents the degrading of the facial features.
  4. Implants are permanent and comfortable. There is no need to hustle such as removing and cleaning dentures every other day because implants are permanent similar to natural teeth, and thus provide more comfort to the patients.
  5. More durable: Dental Implants in India are proven to be more durable than any other dental treatment. Patients with good health and maintaining good oral implants can even last up to a lifetime. When compared to dentures which need to be replaced every five to eight years based on the maintenance and the ridge profile, implants are the best option.
  6. Helps with speech: People with dentures speak with great difficulty and are uncomfortable as they fear that the denture may slip or move during their speech. Dental implants are great alternatives to help with speech and avoid such embarrassing situations.
  7. Improves chewing: Dental implants are best at restoring chewing function. With the help of implants, you can eat anything and everything you wish as you did with your natural teeth. Patients can enjoy their food without fear of slipping as in dentures.
  8. Low maintenance: Once after the completion of dental implant surgery, the maintenance of these are very easy and cost-efficient. A general hygiene practice such as brushing and flossing regularly can be sufficient along with a regular dental checkup.
  9. Versatile: Dental implants in India are the most adaptable treatment. Implants act as a base for a single tooth or bridge or the entire denture. The mode of treatment is modified by the dental surgeon depending on the condition of the patient.
  10. High success rate: Implants have a very high success rate. Let’s be clear on this point, the success of implant surgery will be high if done by the best-experienced dentists in the respective industry. We suggest you choose the best dental Clinic in Pune which consists of all the equipment needed along with experienced dentists.

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