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Wisdom teeth, Also Known as the Third Molars, typically emerge between the Ages of 17 to 24, although they may surface later in Some Cases. Dr. Ankush R. Agrawal is specializes in Wisdom Teeth Removal Treatment in Wakad , addressing issues often associated with their incomplete eruption.

If these molars encounter complications during their growth, such as impaction or misalignment, it may become necessary to consider removal. Seeking the expertise of Dr. Ankush R. Agrawal ensures a comprehensive and specialized approach to Wisdom Teeth management, providing personalized care for optimal oral health in the Wakad area.

In cases of incomplete eruption leading to complications, Dr. Agrawal is well-equipped to provide effective and efficient removal treatments. Don’t let wisdom Teeth Troubles persist seek the expertise of Dr. Ankush R. Agrawal for a solution tailored to your needs in Wakad.

Get the Best Wisdom Tooth Extraction from experts at Dentsee in Wakad. Our experienced dentists use modern methods for safe and painless removal, making sure you have a comfortable experience throughout your treatment.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth ?

Wisdom teeth that are impacted or partially erupted need to be removed because it may lead to infection in the surrounding tissues called pericoronitis, it can get decayed affecting the adjacent tooth as well, can lead to cyst within the jaw bone, and may also damage the roots of the adjacent tooth.

At Dentsee Dental Clinic, we Have Wisdom Tooth Removal Doctors in Wakad. Our team of experts offers safe and effective solutions to extract wisdom teeth with minimal discomfort and pain.

Some of the common signs of wisdom tooth problems include:

  • Pain in the posterior region of the jaw
  • Redness and swelling of the gums around the tooth
  • Bad breath
  • Bad taste when eating or drinking
  • Impaction of food in the area while eating
  • Swelling in the jaw bone due to cyst formation


A minor Oral Surgery, Wisdom tooth extraction surgery is performed by a Dental or Oral Surgeon and could take anywhere between 30-60 minutes.The Procedure begins by injecting anaesthesia to the patients to numb the Area Around the part where the Surgery will be.

After waiting for a couple of minutes to ensure that the patient’s mouth is completely numb and they cannot feel anything, an incision is given around the target tooth, and the surgeon begins to extract the wisdom tooth.

When it comes to Wisdom Tooth Removal, the complexity of the case dictates the surgical procedure. Depending on how smoothly the tooth exits the socket, the process can be relatively quick.

However, if any portion of the tooth remains lodged, the surgeon, in this case, the skilled Dr. Ankush Agarwal offering Wisdom Tooth Removal Service in Pune, may need to carefully navigate the situation.

In instances where a part of the tooth is stubbornly stuck, the surgeon may opt to delicately cut a section of the dental bone to access and remove it, ensuring a thorough and effective procedure before concluding the process. Dr. Ankush Agarwal’s expertise ensures a meticulous approach to wisdom tooth removal in Pune.

Following the completion of the Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure, the next crucial step involves managing bleeding. This is typically addressed by placing a sterile gauge around the extraction site to promote clotting.

Additionally, patients are provided with prescribed medications to assist in controlling any post-operative discomfort and minimizing the risk of infection. Dr. Ankush Agarwal, renowned for providing the Best Wisdom Tooth Extraction Treatment in Pune, ensures a comprehensive approach to post-operative care.

Patients looking for expert guidance and a smooth recovery can confidently Book an Appointment with Dr. Ankush Agarwal for optimal oral health and a hassle-free wisdom tooth extraction experience.

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