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Dr. Ankush R. Agrawal is a Oral And MaxilloFacial Surgeon, Dentist and Implantologist in Wakad, Pune and has an experience of 19 years in these fields. Dr. Ankush R. Agrawal practices at Dentsee Dental Clinic, Laser and Implant Centre in Wakad, Pune, Dentsee Dental Clinic & Implant Centre in Pimple Saudagar, Pune and Dr. Agrawal’s maxillofacial surgeon Dental implant expert in Wakad, Pune.

Dr. Ankush R. Agrawal is the best Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Wakad, providing comprehensive treatment for dental and facial problems. With his years of experience, Dr. Agrawal ensures quality care and results for his patients.


Surgical training in all trauma cases, individual operated variety of cases in Fractures around Orbit, Zygomatic Complex, Frontal and Nasomaxillary Complex, Maxilla and Mandible (all types open and close techniques).

Surgical training in all Maxillofacial Pathologies , individual operated cases like Odontogenic Tumors,Cyst, Oroantral Communications and fistula, Maxillofacial Space infections  etc.

Surgical training in congenital deformities like Cleft Lip and Palate, Tempromandibular Joint Ankylosis etc. Also undergone clinical postings in Anaesthesia, General Surgery and Medicine and ATLS.

If you are looking for the Best Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon In Wakad, Best Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon Near me, Best Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon in Pune, Best Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon in Pimple Saudagar? Look no further than Dr. Ankush R. Agrawal. With over 19 years of experience, Dr. Agrawal is the leading expert in providing the highest quality dental services with a commitment to patient care. Visit Dentsee Dental Clinic in Wakad, Pune or Book your appointment at +91 97620 06721 Or Visit our clinic – Get Directions

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