At Dentsee Dental Clinic, we understand that choosing between aligners and braces can be a difficult decision. That’s why we provide our patients with comprehensive information to help them decide which orthodontic treatment is right for them.

Aligners are a type of orthodontic treatment that is becoming increasingly popular. Aligners are thin, clear, plastic trays that fit over your teeth. They gradually move your teeth into their desired positions without the need for wires or brackets. Aligners are practically invisible, making them a good choice for those who are self-conscious about their braces.

Braces, on the other hand, are the more traditional orthodontic treatment. They use brackets and wires to slowly move your teeth into the desired position over a period of time. Braces are usually more affordable and may be a good choice if you have a complex dental issue that needs to be corrected.

Braces are brought in of metal or porcelain and are cured to the teeth. Metal wires and rubber bands jointly help deliver force to make the teeth move into the desired position.

Regardless, Aligners are made of plastic and are designed to suit the required teeth set. Every aligner shifts the teeth toward the position that needs to be acquired.

It is necessary to point out that aligners can treat most abnormalities but not every orthodontic problem.

So, it is always important to consult with the orthodontist in the initial hoop of the appointment about which option to assess to get the best outcomes.


Appearance when opting for aligners:
Aligners are not that noticeable compared to braces, as they are clean and customized for your teeth. This can be a huge factor for many people but not for everyone.

The diet is completely unaffected by the aligners, as you can remove them while eating. The patient will be free to eat according to their desire. Some foods are not comfortable to eat with braces over teeth and can result in the breakage of wires or sometimes the brackets (that are attached to the teeth surfaces), which increases the treatment time and can require additional visits to repair it properly.

Hygiene when opting for aligners:
As you can remove the aligners before cleaning, you can brush your teeth comfortably. This is a very important factor as cleaning your teeth with braces still over it is not an easy job.

Appointments of dentist
As the movement of the tooth is pre-planned by your Orthodontist, the visits to the doctor are simplified, and in some instances can be fewer. This is a big advantage for all those who have hectic work schedules.

Convenience while opting for aligners:
Usually, aligners are provenly more comfortable as compared to braces. Nevertheless, the teeth can still be tender as they execute the movement. The lips and cheeks never get irritated or ulcerated because of the plastic aligner, as they are smoother than metal or porcelain braces. This is valuable for those playing contact (or semi-contact) sports or activities.

Aligners are to be worn almost an entire day (22 hours) to be effective. Which means they are only removed before eating and cleaning. This submission is worth the outcomes.

Aligners can treat almost all cases, but not all. In complex-complex situations, your orthodontist may suggest braces rather than aligners. If a patient demands aligners, the results may not be the desired one or may alter.

In some cases, the cost of aligners is more than that of braces. However, in many cases, the cost of both braces and aligners is equal. Your orthodontist can discuss the cost of your particular options to help you decide the best option.

Metal Braces

The usefulness of the metal or porcelain braces:
Useful to all types of patients, Whereas aligners can only treat most cases, braces meant. It means they are always an option.

Type of braces:
Braces can be of different types, i.e., metal braces, both colorful and colorless, and porcelain braces that are with slightly good aesthetics in place of regular metal braces.

Keeping of braces :
Since the braces are fixed to the teeth’ surface, there is no fear of losing them or failing them. Such braces can be helpful for some patients who need to be more motivated to obey the wearing of aligners adequately.

Hygiene when opting for metal braces:
Maintaining hygiene in metal races is the most difficult task. It is difficult to clean your teeth with braces compared to aligners. If there is no proper cleaning, actual damage can occur to the teeth. This can lead to the situation where you have to remove braces early, much before the final result.

Unlike aligners, braces are fixed to the teeth’ surface, diet is largely affected by foods and hard-cause breakages, which can delay or halt the treatment progression.

Also, braces can make the oral cavity more prone to the decay of teeth. Sugar and sticky foods should no longer be in the diet.

Commonly, braces are likely to cause discomfort as the surface of the brackets can sometimes be irritated on the cheeks and lips.

Some patients face such problems more than others causing ulcers and other issues, and those who are frequently involved in sports and other fitness activities are a major consideration.

Braces are more evident and visible than aligners. This could be a crucial factor for some patients evaluating their occupations, daily workplace, hobbies, interests, etc.

Appointments of the dentists:
The number of sittings required for braces treatment is set to be lengthy and involve proper adjustments that are necessary to be carried out. Further many more visits can also be required.


There could be several factors and facts to be assessed when patients are taking up the options of orthodontic treatment.

Hopefully, only the information provided above will be useful for making a decision.

Braces and aligners, neither of them is a wrong choice. It is just how it will alter your daily life that should be considered, which will help in taking the best decision.

At Dentsee Dental Clinic, we evaluate each patient’s individual needs and dental history to determine which type of orthodontic treatment is best for them. We provide a range of services to make sure that our patients get the best possible care, no matter which type of orthodontic treatment they choose.

If you’re trying to decide between aligners and braces, don’t hesitate to contact Dentsee Dental Clinic. We’ll help you make an informed decision about which orthodontic treatment is right for you.