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Orthodontics is a special type of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis,prevention, correction of malaligned or ill placed teeth or problems with the way your teeth fit together. It also deals with the correction and modification of facial growth which includes both upper and lower jaw called maxilla and mandible respectively.

There are different types of Orthodontic treatment procedures which includes

 Traditional Metal Braces
The traditional metal braces are generally used for children and teenagers. They come with different coloured ligating bands on them which generally keep the children engaged in the treatment.

 Ceramic Braces
The invisible ceramic braces are white and transparent in colour and can be barely seen. These are generally used by working-class people who don’t want the braces to be shown to their friends, yet desire a beautiful smile.

 Self-ligating Braces
There are advanced Self-ligating braces that are comfortable, with no rubber engagement on the braces. This causes less food accumulation around the braces which keeps oral hygiene better during the entire treatment. They are self-locking braces with faster treatment results.

 Removable braces
They can be used to correct minor tooth movements like mild spacing or mild crowding etc depending on the patient age and type of corrections needed. They also can be placed to hold the teeth in its position once the desired tooth movement is achieved which in dental terms is called a removable retainer.

 Functional appliances and headgears
These are type of removable appliances that can be used in young children from age 7 to 12 before they reach their skeletal growth completion to correct the developmental growth of either deficient upper or lower jaws. These are also called as growth modifiers. Choosing the right well skilled certified orthodontist will do magical wonders in correction of the little growing jaws at an younger age and bring lot more well appealing and confident smile along with structural correction of jaws and pleasantness of the face as the child reaches her or his adulthood.

 Aligners (Invisalign/clear aligners)
The latest technology involving in Orthodontics is Aligners. They are set of hard plastic aligners which are completely invisible, removable and customized as per patient and comes with several benefits including user friendly. It is free of metals, wires and brackets. It straightens teeth more comfortably faster than the conventional braces. It is convenient to use and more appealing with more comfort and can be removed by patients with ease and will, with minimal maintainence. However it is expensive unlike other braces but it is of substance.

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