Dental implants are widely regarded as the best option for tooth replacement when compared to other choices. Dental implants assist stop jaw bone loss and have the same appearance and functionality as genuine teeth. Dental implants, however, may not be the ideal option for all individuals because everyone is unique. They might not be recommended by the patient or be contraindicated for medical purposes. It’s crucial to be aware of all your alternatives if you require tooth replacement. Consider a few of the options for dental implants.

Full-mouth dentures
Many people are currently acquainted with dentures, one of the alternatives to dental implants. Most likely, when you think about dentures, you imagine full-mouth dentures, which are two dentures intended to replace both the top and bottom dental arches.

Full-mouth dentures are a great option if you are losing all of your teeth or if you intend to have all of your remaining teeth extracted because of decay or other issues. When you wear your dentures, you’ll look to have a full set of well-spaced teeth. Dentures are an excellent option for replacing missing teeth since they allow you to eat more thoroughly than gums or badly damaged teeth could, but because they don’t operate as well as dental implants or natural teeth, your diet might be a little limited.

Partial Dentures
Partial Dentures, as suggested by the best dentist in India are utilized when you currently have some strong teeth but several teeth are gone and need to be replaced. To make the partial denture fit in with your natural teeth, the teeth are fastened to a plastic foundation that is matched in color to your gums. This plastic material frequently has metal clasps that adhere to your teeth and a metal frame that is covered in plastic.

Partial Dentures

You can speak and eat more readily with partial dentures, which are very simple to take out for repairs or cleaning. Nevertheless, partial dentures can be painful and less secure than other tooth replacement solutions, necessitating more regular repairs.

Fixed Bridges
Fixed bridges are, as the names imply, fixed in place, in contrast to full or partial dentures. The bridge will be Put in Place by your dentist using a unique kind of bonding material, and only your dentist would be able to take it out.

You won’t need to be concerned that your bridge will lose in your mouth because bridges are cemented in place, which may make them feel and operate more like natural teeth. You might experience more ease with this than with dentures. Additionally, since the bridge is not needed to be taken out for cleaning, there is no longer a possibility that you would misplace it or drop it, breaking it—something that may occur with dentures.

On either side, since you can’t remove a fixed bridge, it might be more challenging to clean it correctly. Additionally, bridges can occasionally harm nearby healthy teeth, which implies that you might accrue additional dental expenses in the future.


To make the best decision for you, it’s crucial to review all of your tooth replacement alternatives with your dentist. Schedule a consultation with the top Dentist in Wakad, Pune to discuss your tooth replacement alternatives.