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Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment is a new advance in dentistry, which has made root canal procedure painless and less time consuming. Single sitting root canals are growing in popularity and have become very common in recent times.

Dentsee Dental Clinic & Implant Centre provides with varied root canal Treatment procedures. The centre has 15-20 years experienced dental board certified in-house Endodontists performing the best and most advanced Root Canal Treatment in Pune. The Endodontists at Dr. Agrawal’s dental care strives to save the teeth so as to maintain the natural integrity of the associated soft and hard tissue structures in the oral cavity. So if you are looking for single sitting RCT or multiple issues of teeth requiring root canal treatment do visit the Dental clinic to get a complete overview of the concerned issues and to get the immediate relief of pain and associated symptoms.

Benefits of single sitting (RCT)

Single-sitting RCT has gained acceptance due to short appointments and the success rate is very good. The success of RCT depends on proper cleaning and shaping of a root canal, disinfection, and fillings of the canal system. Not all cases are suitable for the single sitting root canal, it depends on the case. According to dentistry.

Advantages of single sitting RCT:

  • Most importantly saves multiple visits.
  • One-time medicine course.
  • One-time anesthesia.
  • Fast relief.

So no worries for long hectic appointments for root canal treatment to save your teeth. Visit Dentsee Dental Clinic & Implant Centre today to know more about single sitting RCT.

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